Les Consultants I2H Inc.


The mandate of this website was to produce an initial footprint on the web for a consulting firm in order to obtain leads.

Premium systems used

Project Background

Meeting the founder of Les Consultants I2H Inc, Anne-Marie Lavie, is an experience on its own: very ambitious, full of energy and great ideas to help people around her. She gave us the mandate to produce a website that would include a seamless integration of her ideas: a very simple front-end management system to manage her blog, her leads for a consulting firm and a simple website that would resonate with her potential clients.

The Process

Two systems were used for the integration of Anne-Marie's ambitious new endeavour: the UCM system for lead management, and WP Front-End Pro for content management, by Wedevs. At first, one could not notice that two independent system are working in parallel, as one of her demands were simplicity and user-friendliness. Rest assured, these two systems can only be seen when needed for her, her clients and associates.


Les Consultants I2H is now a fully functional multilingual website with two independent management system working together on a daily basis. Furthermore, the website has a form where Anne-Marie and her team can collect information on their potential clients and receive notifications directly in their email, which they can consult on the go, anywhere. We are proud to have them as our clients and wish them best of luck in their new endeavour!

  • Web Design
  • Customer Management System
  • Front-end Content Management System